Glad you were interested in the SEDINUKAS.

I am the founder of Justina SEAT. The creation of this product was prompted by the birth of my son Atlo. When my son was born, I realized what a wonderful feeling it is to be a mother and what an endless joy to watch as it grows, develops and changes not in days but in hours. Like every mother, she wants everything for her child.

With the help of the SEAT, Atlas began to independently explore toys, observe the environment, and pursue the object. I noticed how quickly he began to look at the environment, the changing images, how he felt getting stronger and firmer in the sitting position. And for me, as a mother SEATER, it is a very practical thing, while the little one was just learning to sit, SEATER traveled with us everywhere, to guests, to nature, even to the sea.

This pillow frees the mother’s hands, some time the baby can play on his own. So I wanted to share this product with other moms because the SEAT is an indispensable item in the daily routine of raising a baby.

I wish every mother to spend as much time as possible with her children, you will not return time, and what you experience together with the child is invaluable…

The best wishes,